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Monday, August 12, 2013

I smell something burning when I changed my projector lamp!

In most cases there is nothing to worry about. What you smell is the dust that was dislodged during the lamp installation process. The new lamp will be hotter that the old lamp and dust burns away when the new lamp is first turned on. You can eliminate some of this and improve the life and operation of the lamp by carefully vacuuming the inside of the TV or projector prior to installing the new lamp. Do not use canned air, as it only relocates the dust in undesirable areas and may impede the performance of the TV or projector.

When installing a projector lamp the lamp should fit snuggly but should not have to be forced. You should only require one hand to install a new lamp. A good connection is required if the projector or TV is going to work properly. You should be able to attach the lamp to the TV or projector with the installed screws. This insures that a good connection is made. Not doing so, may mean an improperly seated lamp, creating a possible fire hazard.
Most projectors are designed to turn off if it becomes too hot. The causes of overheating are usually clogged filters/vents or a defective fan.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What good is a Projector Lamp Warranty?

You were smart. Unlike some who get caught with their pants down, you bought a spare lamp. So when the inevitable happens. You were prepared.

A projector lamp never fails at a convenient time, such as right at the end of a presentation or during a pre-test of the equipment. Having a spare lamp handy can save the day and make you look like a hero.

Unless, your spare lamp doesn't work either.

The lamp has a warranty. The problem is that you bought that lamp 6 months ago or longer and now the warranty is out of force.

This is why we at suggest that you always install the new lamp right away. Keep the old lamp as a spare. If you have a defective lamp, it will become evident within 2 weeks of operation. Well within your warranty to get a free replacement.

A defective lamp is either DOA (dead on arrival), expires within a few hours or is dim. These lamps weaken over time.Your new lamp should be brighter than the old one you are replacing. If your supplier balks at replacing your lamp for any of the above reasons. Get a new supplier.